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Susan Stark Christianson,President and founder of Christianson Communications, heads the creative and strategic development team. Her creativity and work ethic have led to the agency's award-winning marketing campaigns receiving first, second and third place awards in national competitions including the Communicator Awards and the Summit Creative Awards. She is a member of the prestigious Public Relations Society of America and the PRSA-Alaska Chapters. She is also an award-winning author and filmmaker and founder of the Women's Voices Project. In 2018, Christianson Received a Rasmuson Foundation Fellowship Award for her documentary work. Since returning from her break from the agency work to spearhead the Women's Voices Project - interviews with women from Siberia to Patagonia - Susan has put together a strategic team of talented and creative individuals to help with all aspects of client needs. From filmmakers and designers, to photographers, to web developers, to account managers, to partnerships with other agencies, Christianson Communications' team will be just what and who you need to accomplish your communications goals. We don't believe bigger is always better. We believe in being cost effective and efficient in what we do. Click here to download a resume.

Susan Stark Christianson received a Rasmuson Foundation Fellowship Award for her creative work with the Women's Voices Project  and The Wisdom of the Grandmothers documentary.

our goals

Our goals are to help and support all our clients to meet your business and communications goals. We know the importance of working as part of a team to make things happen. While we bring a new perspective to your work, we also honor and respect your input, your vision and your expertise. We want to help you be the best you can be.

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Our mission is to help you shape perceptions by becoming proactive about building informed opinion. Your image - the way others see you - is built on your people, your relationships, your customer service and the effectiveness of how you communicate in the global marketplace. From developing marketing and communications plans tied to your business goals, to assisting your corporate management to plan for and respond to media inquiries, to developing your social media strategies, we can help you communicate your strengths and build on your assets.

our mission